Monday, July 29, 2013

Mail me art

It's definitely time for an update, so here are some new. I'm taking part in the Mail Me Art project, more about it you can find out here: Mail Me Art
You can preorder the book now and you get £10 off the book! Part of the money from the sales goes to great charity projects, so that's another good reason for buying the book :-)
There will be exhibitions with all the art from the book, for example at The Framers Gallery in London. Check the site for more dates!
And last but not least, every picture is sold and can be preordered from the site, most of the money goes to charity organizations, so please fell free to buy some original art and spend some money to help!
Here's my contribution, it came out a bit strange because I was a ill when I painted it. Anyway here it is, and click here to buy it!


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